Sunday, February 21, 2010

the shelters (photos)

I did go out yesterday, and I did take some photos. More about that later, but some of the pictures, posted below, relate to the shelter issues I wrote about a few days ago.
(1) people staying in make-shift camps in their streets, not wanting to sleep inside - and thereby also blocking the traffic through their streets, of course.
(2, 3) the large, open and green park in the center of town, Champ de Mars, is now filled with an estimated 500,000 (!!!) people staying in tents and under plastic sheeting, not leaving an inch of green unused. (4) a row of portable latrines have been placed, there is obviously no space, and no wish, to dig them underground (apologies for the poor quality photo, taken from a driving car)

(5,6) military presence is required to avoid food distributions and the like turning into a free-for-all grab; here with a food distribution in Petionville - MINUSTHA troops, petty heavily armed, not a very inviting sight if you come to pick up your rations.

(7, 8) this is one af the main drains from Port-au-Prince, pretty full with rubbish in the best of times, but since the establishment of the camps filling up with a lot more, like plastic bottles and styrofoam boxes. Despite the fact that this is being burnt regularly, it will likely significantly affect drainage once the real rains start.

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